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Sambar Deer
15.12.2009 17:51

DEERS – Cervidae
Sambar Deer
Cervus unicolor


The Sambar Deer lives from the north to the south of Vietnam and in southern China, Java, Borneo, India and Sri Lanka.


The habitat of this hooved animal is the same as the Sika Deer. Which means they live on the grasslands and in the bush forest where they can hide during the hottest time of the day.


The Sambar Deer live in groups not bigger than 10 individuals. Each group is led by an adult male. This hooved animal species is mainly active during twilight and the night. During daytime they lay in the shadow to rest or to sleep. Same as the Sika Deer only the males have horns. The average lifetime of the Sambar Deer is around the 20 years.
Grass and leaves forms the principal component of the diet, and is supplemented by seasonal vegetation like fruit and tubers. In the Hanoi Zoo they are fed grass, leaves, fruit and rice. The Sambar Deer requires about 15 kg of vegetation a day.
The Sambar Deer gives birth to a single young after a gestation period of 260 to 270 days. The breeding season is in August and September, which means that the youngs will be born in the spring when there is enough food and good weather

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