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Indochinese Tiger
15.12.2009 17:00

CATS - Felidae
Indochinese Tiger
Panthera tigris corbetti

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Indochinese Tigers are found in Southern China, Myanmar provinces, Thailand and the mountainous provinces of Vietnam. At the moment there are four Indochinese Tigers in Hanoi Zoo. Lam Nhi gave birth to four beautiful cubs, one male and three female on April 20th 2003. One of the cubs is already shipped to Saigon Zoo for a special breeding program.

Dong is a male tiger. He came to the zoo in May 1997. When the people found him, he weighed not more than 4 kg and he was in severe state of malnutrition. With the intensive care given by the zoo hisweight is now over 150 kg.

“Lam Nhi”
This female was confiscated from wildlife traffickers on July 19th 1998 in Phong My Commune, which is in Phuong Dien district in Thua Thien Hue province. She came to the zoo on August 27th 1998, her name Lam Nhi was given by Nguyen Thi Chinh from Vinh Phuc province who was the winner of the “Tiger Naming Contest” held by the WWF and the “Hoa Hoc Tro” Newspaper. The Hanoi Zoo hopes in the future that Lam Nhi will be part of a succesfull breeding program.

This female tiger was born in Singapore Zoo and came to the Hanoi Zoo on Januari 14th 2000. She is one of the tigers from the “Indochinese Tiger Breeding and Conservation Program”.

Văn Nam (Theo hanoizoo)

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