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Pig-tailed Macaque
15.12.2009 16:45

OLD WORLD MONKEY - Cercopithecidae
Pig-tailed Macaque
Macaca nemestrina

• Distribution

The Pig-tailed Macaque is found in the North allthrough the South of Vietnam. In the world they are found in India, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Lao, Borneo and Sumatra.


They live in woods on limestone mountains.

• Behaviour

They live in groups from 10 to 12 individuals, in occasionally 40 individuals. The group is divided in sub-groups, which are led by an adult male. Most of the time they are active on the ground but they sleep in the trees.
In the wild they eat all kind of fruits, leaf-buds, tubers and insects. In Hanoi Zoo they are fed fruits, sweet potatoes, rice and insects.
The breeding season is around the year. This macaque species reaches its sexual maturity at an age of four years. The gestation period is 162 to 186 days and the female gives birth to a single young. They breed very well in Hanoi Zoo.
Although they are found through most of Vietnam, they are very rare here. A combination of military disturbance and deforestation over the years has reduced their numbers. They are listed in the “Red Data Book for Vietnam”.

Văn Nam (Theo hanoizoo)

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