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Common Palm Civet

CIVETS – Viverridae
Common Palm Civet
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus

• Distribution

The Common Palm Civet lives in the mountainous provinces in the north all through the south of Vietnam. In the world it lives in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Sumatra and the Philippines.

• Habitat

The Common Palm Civet usually lives in mountainous forest and bushes forest.

• Behaviour

The Common Palm Civet generally lives alone and is active at night. During the day they usually sleep in the hollows of treetrunks. This animal can climb very well and they spend most of their time in trees.
In the wild they eat tree-ripened fruit, such as bananas and figs, and insects. In Hanoi Zoo they are fed fruit, meat and insects.
The breeding season is from February until April. The Common Palm Civet reaches its sexual maturity at the same age as all the civet species which is around 18 to 24 months. The gestation period is around 60 to 70 days. Two to three cubs are born in each litter.

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