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CIVETS – Viverridae
Arctictis binturong


Binturongs are found in Myanmar, Malaysia, Lao and Thailand. All across Southeast Asia and in the mountainous provinces in the north and south of Vietnam.

• Habitat

The Binturong has adapted to a wide range of habitats from tropical rainforest, evergreen forest and mixed forest.

• Behaviour

The Binturong is the largest species of the civet family. An adult can weigh up to 20 kg. They sleep most of the day, but furing the night they become really active. They can climb very well and they use their tail while they are climbing. They hold themselves to the tree with their tail until they have a firm grip with their feet. Binturongs are mainly active in trees and you will find them seldom on the ground.
In the wild they like to eat fruit, vegetables and insects, but they also hunt on small mammals, fish or birds.
The breeding season is throughout the year. The Binturong reaches its sexual maturity at an age of 18 to 24 months. The gestation period is around 92 to 94 days. One to three cubs are born each litter. The Binturong bre

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