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Black Jaguar

CATS - Felidae
Black Jaguar
Panthera onca
• Distribution

The Black Jaguar is widely distributed in South America. Very rarely you can find them in Central America.

• Habitat

Because the Black Jaguar likes to eat fish and likes to swim, they always live close to a river in the tropical rainforest.

• Behaviour

They are usually active during the hot time of the day and during twilight. They only pair up in the breeding season. The rest of the time the adults live alone. Different from the leopard, the jaguar is not a good climber, but the jaguar is a good swimmer instead.
Mainly they eat all kind of small mammals but they prefer the food the rivercan gave to them, like fish, turtles and small crocodiles. The Black Jaguar in Hanoi Zoo gets the same food as the tigers and lions.
The Black Jaguar reaches its sexual maturity at an age of 24 to 36 months. The gestation period is 95 days and two or three cubs are born in each litter. In Hanoi Zoo there is one Black Jaguar. He was born on May 18th 1997 in Saigon Zoo. He came to Hanoi Zoo in August 1998 together with the leopard.

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