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APES - Pongidae
Pan troglodytes

• Distribution

Senegal and Guinea and in Central Africa from the Cameroons as far east as Tanzania.

• Habitat

The habitat of the chimpanzee is varied. As well the edge of the savanna as the forest.

• Behaviour

This animal lives in the trees as well on the ground, but they built there large nests in the trees. Chimpanzee’s do live in huge familygroups, which is not really organized, of maximum 40 individuals. Except for eating fruit they’re occasionally hunting small animals and termites. After a gestation period of about 235 days the mother-young relationships will last for a long time.
The Chimpanzee is one of the smartest animal in the world and is also one of the animals who looks most similar to human. In Hanoi Zoo they are fed fruit.

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