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Phayre’s Leaf Monkey

OLD WORLD MONKEY - Cercopithecidae
Phayre’s Leaf Monkey
Presbytis phayrei crepusculus

• Distribution

This very rare species only appear in the provinces in Northern Vietnam such as Yen Bai, Lai Chau, ha Tay, Hoa Binh, Nghe An and Lao.


The Phayre’s Leaf Monkey lives in the forest, but the prefer woods on limestone mountain. This monkey species do not like open areas at all.

• Behaviour

The adult Phayre’s Leaf Monkey has a grey soft fur and a very long tail. They live in groups and are active in the trees and seldom on the ground.
In the wild the Phayre’s Leaf Monkey only eats leaves. That means that this animal is a leave-eating animal. In the Hanoi Zoo they are fed leaves, all kind of fruits and rice.
The breeding season is around the year. The female gives birth to a single young which has a light yellow fur.
In Hanoi Zoo there are two Phayre’s Leaf Monkeys for more than 13 years. They are hand-raised and adapt well in Hanoi Zoo.

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